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A City Helps Its Citizens Reduce Energy Cost by Going Solar

A Connecticut city has created an initiative that highlights energy affordability, empowering a community, and preparing a city for a greener future. The program called solar for all is the new plan that the city of New Haven unveiled at the beginning of May. As municipalities across the country try to tackle the issues of energy affordability and the reduction of fossil fuel use, the city of New Haven has come up with a method to address both issues in a sufficient way. In conjunction with PosiGen, the city of New Haven has figured out a way to provide the opportunity for every home in New Haven that wants to receive solar panels with the option to do so with no upfront cost. 

A New Haven Independent article titled “Solar For All” Launched Into Orbit outlines the program’s cost to consumers. The program offered by PosiGen is a monthly lease that varies in price from $74.99 a month for 12 panels to $189.99 a month for 32 panels. 

Moreover, the program is designed to be accessible to those who do not have suitable credit, which has been an extreme burden for many individuals who live in low-income communities. As cities seek to make their communities and, more importantly, neighborhoods greener, programs like the one implemented in New Haven are essential. Energy burdens are a considerable problem in New Haven and larger cities like New York. According to a report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 25% of New York City households have a high energy burden. So, Mayor Elicker’s attempt to reduce the energy cost for the citizens of New Haven is appropriate for the times, and companies like PosiGen will be instrumental in helping citizens and cities bridge the gap between affordable energy and a greener future.