Community Energy Center provides information and perspectives on the integral role of the energy sector in daily life for American families in a wide range of communities.

Community Energy Center is a project of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a non-partisan trade association of the more than 230 African American-owned newspapers and media companies from across the United States, and the National Association of Hispanic Publications Media LLC (NAHPM), a  Hispanic Publishing media advocacy organization representing over 170 leading Spanish language publications in communities all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Market dynamics and public policies related to energy, including environmental matters, affect everyone. Community Energy Center  seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the unique and often unseen ways American energy producers make daily life possible, indeed better, for all Americans – as well as the way in which changes in the energy arena can be viewed by communities of color.

In these communities, many struggle financially, so the energy sector’s capacity to keep affordable energy flowing is significant for those household budgets. Likewise, a strong energy sector also fuels economic growth and job creation, providing needed opportunities for employment and professional development for African-American and Hispanic men and women.

As a country, we are looking to emerge from the pandemic’s grip and restore the economy to health while reliably meeting our energy needs and protecting the environment. At this pivotal moment, everyone benefits from more fully understanding how the energy sector provides power to individual businesses and consumers and fuels the economy as a whole and in its diverse communities.