Is Affordable Energy Possible Under Joe Biden’s Administration?

Goldman Sachs expects crude oil prices to reach US$80 per barrel this summer.

President Joe Biden’s Administration began with radical actions against the oil and gas industry, in line with his goal of achieving net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. However, a progressive advance towards clean energy that does not directly impact the economy of the general population, particularly that of minorities and lower income segments, has yet to be considered.

Biden’s policies thus far have demonstrated a negative impact on domestic oil and natural gas production, placing U.S. energy security at risk, in terms of supply and … Read More >>

Texas Power Grid: Here We Go Again

Earlier this year, Texas residents were plagued with rolling blackouts forcing many to suffer subfreezing temperatures for days inside their own homes. Now, Texas’ power grid is facing a similar crisis – only this time, residents are being asked to limit their use of electricity by setting their thermostats on temperatures above 80 degrees and suffer through the oppressive heat.

The lessons learned from the historic winter storms earlier this year still hold true in the face of the summer heat’s strain on the Texas power grid:

  • Access to reliable, affordable energy is essential to diverse communities and their quality

Evolutionary vs Revolutionary energy changes and minorities

By James Campos, Former Director at the US Department of Energy

We need smart, sustainable, and compassionate energy policies that do not further hurt minority communities at the same time help keep Americans employed and our economy flourishing. The psychological and physical impact from lack of resources can be equally devastating as the pollutants that we are currently focused on. You can’t abruptly replace jobs in the oil and gas industry with solar panel installers or solar panel producers.  For example, a solar panel installer earns anywhere from $15 to $23 dollars an hour while someone who builds a pipeline, … Read More >>

Natural Gas: The bridge between minority communities and affordable energy

Some of America’s most notable civil rights leaders have been vocal on the critical role of affordable energy in local communities. Leaders such as Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as well as National Urban League President Marc Morial have expressed concerns about the negative impact of a natural gas shortage will have on communities of color. While there are a lot of variables that determine the cost of energy, the availability and delivery of energy – including via natural gas pipelines – is essential to keeping energy affordable for every American.

Several voices, including Rev. Jackson, have been pushing for … Read More >>

The Hill: Let’s not threaten an energy sector that delivers for Americans

by Mario H. Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund

The web of environmental, energy and infrastructure issues taking center stage in President Biden’s domestic agenda is an opportunity for commonsense commitment to the health of our planet, as well as a chance to celebrate mankind’s victories in safeguarding its future. These issues take on an added dimension for underserved communities because those populations have benefited especially from an energy revolution that created jobs, helped to lift millions out of poverty, and provided a path for responsible environmental stewardship.

Tackling environmental issues is a shared challenge that spans racial, … Read More >>

National Association of Hispanic Publications Media touts the advantages of federal leasing in letter to Dept. of Interior

Last week, National Association of Hispanic Publications Media (NAHP) Chairman Ricardo Hurtado sent a letter to Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland expressing his opposition to the Biden administration’s federal leasing ban.

Hurtado commended the President and Department of Interior for its efforts to combat climate change, and noted that federal leasing is actually BENEFICIAL to the environment. “As a result of the United States moving away from coal, our country has made the most progress of any major economy in reducing its carbon footprint, according to the United Nations Emissions Gap Report 2020,” he said. “President Biden’s federal … Read More >>

Latino Magazine: America’s Future

Working together for a cleaner economy

By Mike Ferrufino and  Sofia Aguilar

As the Biden administration commits to aggressively tackle the climate crisis and set ambitious goals to achieve a net zero economy by 2050, Americans need to work together to make sure that this transition to a cleaner economy is responsible, inclusive, equitable and participatory. Meeting the challenges of a sustainable economy must be marked by bold and intentional action centered around economic inclusion.  Not only are thousands of jobs at stake, but all of us, including the sustainability sector have an opportunity and a responsibility to address the … Read More >>

Mr. President: Please Reconsider Your Federal Leasing Ban and Its Effects On New Mexico

Ernie C’de Baca, President & CEO of the Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

When President Biden came into office, one of his first agenda items was implementing a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters through executive order. The impact of the President’s action is widespread across several states, one of the hardest hit being right here in New Mexico.

An unintended adverse impact of the leasing ban will be its effect on 134,000 good paying jobs and tax revenue for education in New Mexico. As President & CEO of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber … Read More >>

Amidst a pandemic, Marla Wilson, Executive Director of the STEM Careers Coalition, works to feature the different jobs of critical professionals through a series of videos motivating students to enter the field

By Ricardo Sánchez Silva, @RicardoLoDice, NAHP Media Correspondent

In the midst of the pandemic the COVID-19 Solution Seekers platform was created by STEM Careers Coalition upon learning about professionals in the field with useful skills and tools that could meet the needs of the population in a global crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing.  The STEM Careers Coalition is the first-of-its-kind national STEM initiative powered by corporate leaders and anchored in schools by Discovery Education. Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources and professional learning for K-12 classrooms.

And so it happened, without wasting …

It makes sense for America’s Latino leaders to pay attention to energy jobs

By Jose L. Perez, President & CEO, Hispanics In Energy

Recent reports show America’s oil and gas industry supports roughly 10.3 million people in great-paying jobs across the country.

Hispanics, America’s largest minority group with 60 million people, are already 25 percent of K-12 students. Those young people will soon become of working age, whereby the energy sector could be a very attractive opportunity.

Hispanics have the highest labor force participation rate in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Hispanics will work in vocational-technical occupations such as welders, pipefitters, truckers, and laborers. They will also go on … Read More >>