The Energy Marketplace and Public Policies Have Unique Impacts on African-Americans

African Americans have a big stake in an energy sector that keeps fuel and electric power flowing reliably and affordably to working families and creates opportunities for economic advancement.

As the country’s energy needs inevitably continue to grow, it will create jobs, many of them in cutting-edge work requiring STEM proficiency. These positions represent opportunities for professional and advancement for the next generation of African American workers.  The Department of Energy’s Office of Minority Programs (OMP) has pursued policies aimed at increasing minority participation in the energy economy. When more people of color are working reconfiguring power plants for generation … Read More >>

The Hispanic Community Is Shaping the U.S. Energy Profile in Unique Ways

The Hispanic community in the United States is a large and fast-growing segment of the population, which means it will increasingly influence how this country produces and consumes energy. Likewise, public and private sector policies affecting the supply, price and distribution of energy will affect Hispanic communities in interesting and unique ways.

In the last ten years, the Hispanic share of the total U.S. population increased to 18% and Hispanics accounted for 52% of all U.S. population growth. This means inevitable growth in Hispanic purchasing power, which is manifesting itself in the energy sector. A 2012 analysis by the Congressional Read More >>

Natacha Buchanan Applauds ONG Industry’s Outreach to Minorities

NNPA NEWSWIRE — An analysis from the American Petroleum Institute (API) revealed a mostly positive outlook for African Americans and Hispanics in the oil and natural gas industry. The 2019 study noted that, with the right policies, African Americans and Hispanics could hold 166,000 of the new oil and natural gas jobs created by this year. That represents 31 percent of the projected 525,000 new job opportunities.

By Stacy M. Brown

Natacha Buchanan, the Director of Inclusion & Diversity at Phillips 66

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent

Natacha Buchanan personifies all that the oil and … Read More >>

The Oil and Natural Gas Industry Offers Higher Wages for Black STEM Professionals

December 11, 2017; By NNPAFreddie

When it comes to preparing the next generation for careers in science, technology engineering and mathematics, also known at “STEM,” Jack Gerard, the president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, said that leaders in the oil and natural gas industry have to answer the “awareness question.”

“There are many people out there, today, that don’t really understand the oil and natural gas industry or the opportunities that it can present for them, their families and for well-paying careers,” said Gerard. “It’s incumbent upon us, as an industry, to have this dialogue more often and … Read More >>

OP-ED: Offshore Exploration Promises Jobs, Affordable Energy

NNPA NEWSWIRE — Communities don’t have to be located in energy-producing regions to benefit from the U.S. energy revolution. But it helps. That’s why coastal states have so much to gain from the Interior Department’s upcoming offshore energy plan. And that’s why organizations like mine are speaking out in support of offshore natural gas and oil exploration.

April 10, 2019; By BlackPressUSA

Derrick Hollie is the founder of Reaching America, which addresses complex social issues impacting African American communities today. These issues include Energy Poverty, Education, Justice Reform, Occupational Licensing and Free Speech.

By Derrick Hollie, President Reaching America

Strong U.S. natural gas and oil production is revitalizing communities in state after state. It’s well-known that increased energy production has cut costs for families – at the pump and in-home utility … Read More >>

New Report Shows Robust Natural Gas and Oil Industry Commitment to Workplace Safety

NNPA NEWSWIRE — “Safety has always been paramount to the natural gas and oil industry. As this report demonstrates, the industry’s leading workplace safety record reflects our commitment to safe and healthy working environments,” said Debra Phillips, vice president of API Global Industry Services (GIS).

By BlackPressUSA

API’s more than 600 members include large integrated companies, as well as exploration and production, refining, marketing, pipeline, and marine businesses, and service and supply firms. (Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)

Employees of the natural gas and oil industry experience injuries and illnesses at a rate substantially below the U.S. private sector due to industry practices and commitment to safety

WASHINGTON – API today released its comprehensive Workplace Safety Report showing that occupational injuries and illness for the natural gas and oil industry occur at … Read More >>

OP-ED: We Have to Focus on the Real Causes of Health Disparities in the Black Community

By NNPAFreddie

By Uni Blake (Scientific Adviser, American Petroleum Institute)

The health of African American communities is a genuine cause for concern in our country, but attacking the natural gas and oil industry is the wrong approach and detracts from the real work that should be done to reduce disparately high rates of disease among African Americans. Let’s be clear—the natural gas and oil industry is:

  • Committed to the health and safety of the communities where it operates and to its workers.
  • Leading the way on reducing U.S. greenhouse gas and other air emissions.
  • Supporting millions of well-paying jobs—one of

Discovery Education and Business Leaders Launch Unique STEM Initiative

Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Contributor

Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital curriculum resources, content, and professional development for K-12 classrooms nationwide, has announced the creation of a STEM Careers Coalition.

Officials said the initiative will help educators develop a pipeline of students who are interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

It will also provide no-cost resources to students and educators, including virtual field trips, digital instructional assets, and career exploration videos.

Discovery Education officials said these resources would help students build foundational STEM knowledge and develop critical thinking 21st-century skills for college and career success.

“Last week …