National Association of Hispanic Publications Media touts the advantages of federal leasing in letter to Dept. of Interior

Last week, National Association of Hispanic Publications Media (NAHP) Chairman Ricardo Hurtado sent a letter to Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland expressing his opposition to the Biden administration’s federal leasing ban.

Hurtado commended the President and Department of Interior for its efforts to combat climate change, and noted that federal leasing is actually BENEFICIAL to the environment. “As a result of the United States moving away from coal, our country has made the most progress of any major economy in reducing its carbon footprint, according to the United Nations Emissions Gap Report 2020,” he said. “President Biden’s federal … Read More >>

BlackPressUSA: Energy Action Alliance names Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr. as new Chair

by Stacy M. Brown

National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) President and CEO Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., has become the new Chair of the Energy Action Alliance (EAA).

EAA was created by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 2012 to bring together diverse national non-profits to help strengthen relationships between people of color communities and the natural gas and oil industry, which provides economic opportunities and reliable and affordable energy to communities across the nation.

Dr. Chavis affirmed, “I am professionally and personally committed to environmental justice and equity, and as well I am equally committed to the sustainable economic … Read More >>

Hispanic Executive: How David Chavez is driving change beyond finance

by Natalie Kochanov

In the border city of Juárez, Mexico, it is not uncommon for students not to continue their education beyond middle school. Because of that harsh reality, David Chavez says, his middle and high schools offered technical programs to equip students early on with sufficient knowledge to succeed in the workforce.

“Before even going to college, I had the equivalent of two associate’s degrees,” explains Chavez, who was able to pursue his bachelor’s degree and begin working for Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) concurrently. “By the time that I graduated, I had not only gained … Read More >>

Latino Magazine: America’s Future

Working together for a cleaner economy

By Mike Ferrufino and  Sofia Aguilar

As the Biden administration commits to aggressively tackle the climate crisis and set ambitious goals to achieve a net zero economy by 2050, Americans need to work together to make sure that this transition to a cleaner economy is responsible, inclusive, equitable and participatory. Meeting the challenges of a sustainable economy must be marked by bold and intentional action centered around economic inclusion.  Not only are thousands of jobs at stake, but all of us, including the sustainability sector have an opportunity and a responsibility to address the … Read More >>

Latino Magazine: Solving Problems

Engineers face challenges on the job

By Patricia Guadalupe

Houston native Yvonne Trejo calls herself a problem solver, and that’s exactly what got her and her family through the deep freeze in February that left many in the dark and with no water for several days. 

​“We already had an emergency plan, since we have hurricanes around here. We stocked up on bottle water, fruits and vegetables that can last longer and we also have a small generator. All of that is what we used to hold us over during that time,” says Trejo. “Math and science are fascinating to … Read More >>

Latino Magazine: Making an Impact

Energy Fuels Pandemic Relief

By Patricia Guadalupe

It’s been just over a year since we confronted coronavirus, which impacted all Americans and placed a stranglehold on the U.S. economy. The energy industry stepped up to combat the pandemic by donating more $100 million, according to the American Petroleum Institute (API). Latinos were often first responders, whether as nurses and doctors, or essential workers in other sectors that kept the economy going.  Companies like Phillips 66 and BP provided supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE), to support their efforts and offered support in other critical areas to lend a helping … Read More >>

Mr. President: Please Reconsider Your Federal Leasing Ban and Its Effects On New Mexico

Ernie C’de Baca, President & CEO of the Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

When President Biden came into office, one of his first agenda items was implementing a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters through executive order. The impact of the President’s action is widespread across several states, one of the hardest hit being right here in New Mexico.

An unintended adverse impact of the leasing ban will be its effect on 134,000 good paying jobs and tax revenue for education in New Mexico. As President & CEO of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber … Read More >>

The Hill: How an energy jobs coalition can help the US economy bounce back

by Ernest Moniz

The chorus is growing louder: in addition to halting the increases in coronavirus cases, we need an energy stimulus package focused on rebuilding the economy. Job creation and infrastructure development will be key.

With unemployment filings reaching nearly 10 million, it is clear we are in the midst of an economic calamity leading to significant business closures and further job losses, despite the stimulus packages enacted by Congress to date. We need to create new jobs, protect the livelihoods of American people and ensure the future resilience of our economy

In normal times and in crisis, we … Read More >>

Amidst a pandemic, Marla Wilson, Executive Director of the STEM Careers Coalition, works to feature the different jobs of critical professionals through a series of videos motivating students to enter the field

By Ricardo Sánchez Silva, @RicardoLoDice, NAHP Media Correspondent

In the midst of the pandemic the COVID-19 Solution Seekers platform was created by STEM Careers Coalition upon learning about professionals in the field with useful skills and tools that could meet the needs of the population in a global crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing.  The STEM Careers Coalition is the first-of-its-kind national STEM initiative powered by corporate leaders and anchored in schools by Discovery Education. Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources and professional learning for K-12 classrooms.

And so it happened, without wasting …

Albuquerque Journal: Undermining the energy industry weakens NM, schools


It has been a little over one month since President Biden officially announced a moratorium of new leases for oil and gas development on federal lands, and New Mexicans are already starting to feel the impact.

Our state, which is over one-third federal land, has uniquely benefitted from the ability of the energy industry to develop oil and gas resources on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Last year alone proceeds to New Mexico from drilling on federal land totaled $707 million – the most of any state in the country – and accounted … Read More >>