The Oregonian: BIPOC environmental groups in Oregon chart a different path as Earth Day approaches

by Kale Williams

As a child growing up in rural Oregon, Vanessa Grant Coats loved the outdoors. Exploring the wild areas of the state with her family — camping, hiking and fishing — are some of her favorite memories and led to dreams of becoming a marine biologist.

But as a Black kid romping around a mostly white state, she rarely saw people who looked like her enjoying the same outdoor activities.

“I didn’t always feel like I belonged,” Grant Coats told The Oregonian/OregonLive. “I never saw anyone who looked like me as a marine biologist. I never saw them … Read More >>

Public Source: Green energy could be the future. What’s being done to increase workforce diversity in Pittsburgh?

by Matt Petras

Martin Rafanan, a retired Evangelical Lutheran Church minister, spent decades as an organizer of primarily Black low-wage workers in the St. Louis area. After moving to the Hill District in 2018, Rafanan’s attention remained focused on social justice. 

“During most of my work, I haven’t been paying as much attention to the environment as I think probably I should have,” Rafanan said. “So over the past couple years, been doing a little more to learn more, be educated and to kind of take small steps in the neighborhood.” 

These small steps include Rafanan and his wife shepherding … Read More >>

Energy Network News: New case study, federal assistance boost ‘smart neighborhood’ concept in Highland Park

Juan Shannon’s vision of a sustainable neighborhood in Highland Park got two boosts in recent weeks.

In partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists, Shannon’s Parker Village recently released a case study detailing the feasibility of using a microgrid to power its community. The report came just before last week’s announcement that the city will receive federal assistance to support community-based clean energy projects. 

The study, Designing a Neighborhood Microgrid, builds on Shannon’s vision of Parker Village as a sustainable “smart neighborhood” powered by an independently run local energy grid reliant on renewable energy. The microgrid would power net-zero energy … Read More >>

Black Enterprise: Bank of America honors five leaders creating change for people and communities of color

Bank of America announced the inaugural honorees of its Neighborhood Builders: Racial Equality Award, a new recognition that honors individual leaders who are advancing racial equality and economic opportunity in Black, Hispanic-Latino, Asian American, and Native American communities.

According to a release, the five honorees are being recognized for their extraordinary contributions to break down systemic racial barriers and create opportunities for people of color across the country.

“Through this program, we are recognizing the impact of inspiring leaders in our country who are creating real change,” said D. Steve Boland, chief administrative officer at Bank of America.

“Supporting …

ABC 10: People of color hit hardest by inflation, gas prices

by Kandace Redd

Gas prices in the U.S. spiked long before Russia invaded Ukraine. But, the price at the pump has spiraled even faster since the start of the war.

According to AAA, the national gas price average stood at $4.32 on Monday. California is leading the nation with the highest gas price, averaging $5.74. Gas prices tend to be higher in California than other states. That’s, partially, due to higher taxes for infrastructure and environmental fees. 

As gas prices continue to climb, many people, particularly in historically marginalized communities, are trying figure out how to make ends meet. … Read More >>

Dominion Energy: Dominion Energy Partners with The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to Develop Hispanic Leaders for the Energy Industry

Dominion Energy today announced a partnership with The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), supporting seven higher education institutions in Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Utah, and Puerto Rico.

Dominion Energy and HACU will support the colleges and universities in the four states in the company footprint and Puerto Rico through a three-year, $2 million-dollar initiative aimed at promoting higher education equity. Each school will develop a Summer Bridge Program providing outreach to high school students and establish a source of STEM-oriented students to support the energy industry. The funds will also provide for the school’s membership in HACU, allowing students to access additional resources.

“All students should have …

Black Enterprise: Black Enterprise Collaborates with Southern Company to host inclusive innovation energy summit

by Southern Company

From schools to church buildings, offices to operating rooms, the energy grid connects—and impacts—communities of all socioeconomic, cultural, and racial backgrounds.

Yet, communities of color have often been left behind when it comes to ensuring clean energy options and solutions to our most pressing climate challenges. Those that have been historically under-resourced must have a seat at the table as we execute on our clean energy future, and this means empowering young talent to join the ranks of those who are innovating toward that future.

This was precisely the topic of the recent BLACK ENTERPRISE conversation, Investing Read More >>

USA Today: As gas prices hit record high, communities of color and rural households suffer the most

by Annika Olson

While recently working at a local food pantry, I spoke with several families about how inflation has affected their lives. They were all families of color, and each said they had felt the effects of rising prices at the grocery store and at the gas station.

“It’s really hard for us,” one mom told me. “Meat is more expensive, which means we have to stretch our food stamps that much further.”

Another man said that because he drives so much for his job as a construction worker, it’s tough to pay for gas. “Muy caro (very expensive),” he said.

Inflation highest


South Philly Review: Pennsylvania energy must lead

by Nche Zama

Recently, in response to Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz halted certification of the Nord Stream 2, the $11 billion gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea, owned by Russia’s state-backed energy giant Gazprom. Completed in September and awaiting final German approval certifications, Nord Stream 2 would bypass the existing transmission pipeline through Ukraine, saving Russia $2 billion in transit fees paid to Ukraine. The geopolitics is self-evident. 

Nord Stream 2 could deliver 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. That’s more than 50% of Germany’s annual consumption and could be worth as much as … Read More >>

Energy News Network: Ohio Black legislators’ energy agenda includes fairness for all ratepayers

by Kathiann Kowalski

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus is the country’s oldest Black caucus of elected state officeholders. Founded in 1967, its mission is to promote and sponsor educational, civil and political activities that enrich Black and marginalized communities in the state.

But the group’s agenda, particularly on energy issues, looks to improve life for many Ohians — not just people of color, Rep. Thomas West explained. The Democrat from Canton is president of the caucus and also assistant minority leader of the Ohio House. He spoke with the Energy News Network about the group’s recent work on energy and … Read More >>