CNBC: Biden risks hurting the least fortunate with his oil and gas actions

Last week, I watched as President Biden promised a return to the “restless, bold optimism” of yesteryear.

Yet even as he opined on his commitment to govern for all Americans, his staff was quietly working to deprive vast swathes of citizens the opportunity to earn a living, lift themselves from poverty, and pursue the American dream.

These actions came in the form of executive orders – no doubt the first of many – effectively terminating the Keystone XL pipeline and oil and gas projects on Alaska’s North Slope.

Many will claim these actions are right and proper. Rising stars in the … Read More >>

Wall Street Journal: Biden’s Freeze on Drilling Leases Disrupts New Mexico

Lance Wilbanks was looking forward to a rebirth for his trucking company, which saw its business hauling drilling rigs across southeastern New Mexico drop from around two dozen a month to just a handful during the pandemic.

But with President Biden moving Wednesday to halt new oil and gas leasing on federal land, Mr. Wilbanks is worried that the bounceback might never come.

The freeze is “a gut punch to follow up the worst year we’ve had since the early 2000s,” he said, noting that he has already had to cut down from 300 to 100 employees over the past … Read More >>

Wall Street Journal: Biden Defunds the States

President Biden wants to give states $130 billion more in Covid relief, but he may need more after Wednesday. The oil and gas lease moratorium on federal lands that he announced will erase thousands of blue-collar jobs—and billions of dollars in revenue that states use to fund education.

The feds split mineral royalties with the states, many of which rely on the revenue to balance their budgets. Some states also impose general receipts taxes on oil and gas production. Wyoming state superintendent Jillian Balow notes that her state depends on some $150 million a year in oil and gas federal … Read More >>

Reuters: Biden to target drilling, fossil fuel subsidies in new climate orders

U.S. President Joe Biden will take a batch of executive actions on Wednesday to combat climate change, including pausing new oil and gas leases on federal land, cutting fossil fuel subsidies and bolstering measures to protect poor and minority neighborhoods from pollution.

The orders will set the direction for the Democratic president’s climate change and environmental agenda and mark a reversal from his Republican predecessor Donald Trump, who sought to maximize U.S. oil, gas and coal output by removing regulations and easing environmental reviews.

Biden’s focus on climate change has cheered international partners and environmental advocates, but upset Big Oil, … Read More >>

The Wall Street Journal: Biden’s Fossil-Fuel Freeze

Any doubt that the Biden Administration plans to slowly regulate fossil fuels out of existence vanished this week. First came the Keystone XL pipeline kill, but perhaps more significant is the 60-day freeze on new leases on federal lands and bureaucratic permitting. The pause could soon become a long-term ban.

Federal lands account for about 22% of U.S. oil production, 12% of natural gas and 40% of coal. When the Obama Administration slowed oil and gas permitting on federal land, drilling and exploration shifted to private land. The Biden Administration may shut that down too.

Start with the 60-day …

Washington Examiner: Daily on Energy – Questions we have as Biden is sworn in

President Joe Biden, yes it’s official as of this writing, will immediately take aim at more than 100 Trump-era actions weakening climate and environmental regulations in his first step toward implementing his aggressive climate agenda.

We have a few questions on how Biden proceeds in the coming days and weeks.

*How will Biden proceed on submitting an updated emissions-cutting commitment for the Paris Agreement to the U.N.? Will he take his time to submit a more aggressive NDC (nationally determined commitment) for 2030, carefully balancing ambition vs. practicality, or offer something bold quickly?

At EPA, will the agency prioritize …

CNN Business: From Keystone XL to Paris Agreement, Joe Biden signals a shift away from fossil fuels

America’s energy policy is getting an extreme makeover.

President Joe Biden is wasting no time undoing the Trump administration’s efforts to prop up fossil fuels and deny the existence of a climate crisis.On his first day in the White House, Biden took a series of executive actions that put an exclamation point on his commitment to address climate change.

Biden immediately moved to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change, revoke a permit that former President Donald Trump granted to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and place a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing in the Arctic.

The …

Shale Directories: Federal Leasing Ban Would Be Completely Counterproductive

In September 2020, the American Petroleum Institute (API) introduced a report addressing the impact of a ban on federal leasing in the United States. Their analysis explains the burdens that a leasing and development ban on federal lands and waters could put on the nation’s economy, energy prices, employment and consumerism. To help you further understand how this would impact you and your community, we dove into the report and broke it down.

Currently, energy produced on federal lands accounts for 12 percent of the nation’s natural gas production and 22 percent of U.S. oil production. A ban on leasing … Read More >>

Denver Post: Here’s how the new Biden administration will impact Coloradans

The transition of presidential power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday will happen thousands of miles away from Colorado, in front of pandemic-thinned crowds and extraordinary security, which puts all sorts of distance between the event and everyday life.

While no Coloradans made it into Biden’s top Cabinet spots, there are plenty of things that are expected to shift in the state and affect lives under the Democrat — some sooner than later, especially when it comes to COVID-19 and climate policies.

Here’s a quick glance at the top sectors — immigration, education, health care, … Read More >>

S&P Global Platts: Biden prioritizes revoking Keystone XL on day one of Presidency

The new Joe Biden administration said Jan. 20 it will issue an executive order revoking the permit for the long-delayed Keystone XL heavy crude oil pipeline as expected.

The executive order would serve as a potentially fatal blow to the $8 billion Keystone XL project that was designed to move 830,000 b/d of heavy Canadian crude ultimately to Texas through the entire Keystone system.

The Biden announcement, made on the first day of his presidency, said the pipeline project does not “serve the US national interest.” The permit revocation is listed among the top priorities for “tackling climate change” and … Read More >>