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KOAA: New free program offers STEM opportunity to minority kids

by Mayo Davison

A new summer outreach program aims to get more minority students in STEM.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs plans to invite 24 high schoolers to campus for their free UCCS Stem Outreach Program. From July 18–20, students will be able to experience collegiate-level labs in chemistry, biology, biochemistry and human anatomy.

The UCCS Stem Outreach Program was created by undergraduate student Madison Fox.

“I started this program because I was so inspired by many of my classmates and my dad. He came from impoverished places in Colorado Springs, and became a dentist. He had a complicated childhood but I thought if he could do it, anyone could do it,” said Fox.

Fox spent nearly three years designing the program to help minority students.

“Some of these high schools, I was surprised to hear don’t have the best labs or science programs. I find that so sad because I love science, and I came from a privileged area in Colorado. I had such a wonderful experience, and because of that experience I decided to go into biochemistry,” said Fox. “When I’ve talked to these parents and teachers, they tell me they lack these resources but they’re students are so bright and talented. They just need this door to be opened for them to experience that.”

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