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Texas Blackouts: Why We Need Diverse Energy Supply

The recent historic winter storm that plagued Texas has reinvigorated a discussion around the need for diversification of energy sources as well as ensuring reliability to the power grid. While the debate continues about how to prevent massive widespread blackouts from occurring again in the future, here is what experts have agreed upon:

  • Access to reliable, affordable energy is essential to diverse communities and their quality of life across the country.
  • The widespread blackout events in Texas and this past summer in California showcase the need for a diverse energy supply and better planning to support U.S. power grids during unprecedented events.
  • All energy sources (natural gas, coal, nuclear, solar, and wind) fell short of expectations, however, natural gas carried the majority of the energy load in Texas and stopped the devastation from getting worse. In fact, natural gas provided over 85% of Texas’ total energy needs during that week.
  • Energy infrastructure is critical to ensuring that natural gas systems are more resilient and dependable.

While an “All of the Above” energy approach is essential for a better energy future, the fact remains that the leading source of U.S. electric power generation is natural gas. It supplies electricity for one in three American households and businesses and is also responsible for 61 percent of the cumulative reductions carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. power sector between 2005 and 2019.