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The Journal-News: Approach to energy will be critical to Biden’s success

During his successful election campaign, President-elect Joe Biden insisted he did not favor a “green new deal” approach to energy. Now, however, it appears he may be poised to deliver a one-two punch in that very direction.

First, Biden said he will name former secretary of state John Kerry as his climate change “envoy.”

Then, late last week, there was speculation Biden may choose Mary Nichols to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Nichols’ current position is head of the California Air Board. She oversees the most stringent air quality regulations in the nation.

During August, millions of Californians suffered temporary power outages that were, at least in some measure, due to the state’s drive toward its own version of a “green new deal.” Part of the problem was lack of reliable peak load generating capacity. The state requires at least one-third of electricity be generated through “renewable” methods such as solar and wind power. As a result, it lacks the conventional power-plant backup capacity enjoyed by most other states.

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