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Washington Examiner: Daily on Energy – Questions we have as Biden is sworn in

President Joe Biden, yes it’s official as of this writing, will immediately take aim at more than 100 Trump-era actions weakening climate and environmental regulations in his first step toward implementing his aggressive climate agenda.

We have a few questions on how Biden proceeds in the coming days and weeks.

*How will Biden proceed on submitting an updated emissions-cutting commitment for the Paris Agreement to the U.N.? Will he take his time to submit a more aggressive NDC (nationally determined commitment) for 2030, carefully balancing ambition vs. practicality, or offer something bold quickly?

At EPA, will the agency prioritize putting forth a regulation cutting carbon from the power sector, replacing President Donald Trump’s ACE rule that the D.C. Circuit just rejected, or move first on setting stricter fuel efficiency rules for automobiles?

*How quickly can Biden get his Cabinet nominees confirmed?The faster Biden gets his people in the federal agencies, the quicker he can get started on dismantling the 100+ Trump-era actions he’s promised to kill. But the Senate is also taking up Trump’s impeachment and potentially haggling over another coronavirus relief bill, so time could be hard to come by.

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